Bed bugs can live from 4 months to a year. They can survive several weeks to several months without feeding depending on their life stage and environmental conditions. Nymphs must feed more often because they must molt five times before reaching maturity. However, they can live for at least a few weeks without feeding. Adult bed bugs will try to feed in regular intervals (every 3 to 7 days), but they can survive for about 5 months without a blood meal. However, because bed bug infestations can spread rapidly you could have new bites every night.

Female bed bugs can lay 2-7 eggs per week and up to 500 eggs in a lifetime solely after one mating occurrence. She attaches them to surfaces with a cement-like adhesive so they stay safe until they hatch.  Each bed bug takes 7-10 days to hatch and another 5 to 6 weeks to develop into an adult. A bed bug egg is about the size and color of a grain of salt so is very difficult for a human to find. A trained canine can locate eggs and all stages of the life cycle. If called early, a canine team can provide early detection before there is an infestation!