Home Buyer Check

For buyer, seller or realtor--confirm or deny the presence of bed bugs before purchasing/selling a home

High Mobility Businesses

Search areas that continually become populated with bed bugs (libraries, assisted living, hotels, rental units)

Multi-Unit Living

Apartment complexes, residences halls, duplex

Residential Visit

Confirm or deny the presence of bed bugs- determination of whether there is a small population or a large infestation

Rental Check

For the landlord or tenant-- to confirm or deny the presence of bedbugs before or after moving

Post-Treatment Check

Confirm or deny presence of bed bugs after a treatment to destroy them

Vehicle Checks

Vehicles used for business such as Uber, taxi, public bus transportation, library bookmobiles

Required City Ordinance Checks

For rentals requiring proof they are infestation-free

Prevention Checks

Put your patrons and employees at ease by advertising that your business is regularly checked for bed bugs

Pest-Control Assisting

Assist a pest-control treatment company in locating areas that require treatment

Individual Needs

One time check or scheduled prevention checks


One-time inspections or proactive maintenance contracts on a schedule that fits library needs.  Inspections include all public and work areas including books stacks, work stations, donations, bookmobiles, public seating and electronics.  Discounts available for library employee residences. Ask us about optional heat treatment rentals available on a monthly contract.


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Professional-Grade Convectex Heat Treatment System Rental

If you want to self-treat a bed bug infestation with the most efficient method, we offer the rental of a professional-grade Convectex Heat Treatment system with 3 additional fans.  This system can run on 120 or 240 volts (or both), and it can heat treat from 100-1000 square feet at once with up to 46,649 BTU's.  This is ideal for apartments, houses, hotel rooms and businesses.  We supply all necessary cords and adaptors for power from an oven or dryer outlet or a hotel air conditioner as well as standard outlets. The system requires minimal disruption to your environment and will heat to the optimal 122 degrees for killing all stages of bed bugs.