Services We Can Provide:


  • Home Buyer Check: For buyer, seller or realtor--confirm or deny the presence of bed bugs before purchasing/selling a home
  • High Mobility Businesses: Search areas that continually become populated with bedbugs(libraries, assisted living, hotels, rental units)
  • Multi-Unit Living: Apartment complexes, residences halls, duplex
  • Residential Visit: Confirm or deny the presence of bed bugs- determination of whether there is a small population or a large infestation
  • Rental Check: For the landlord or tenant-- to confirm or deny the presence of bedbugs before or after moving
  • Post-Treatment Check: Confirm or deny presence of bed bugs after a treatment to destroy them
  • Vehicle Checks: Vehicles used for business such as uber, taxi, public bus transportation, library bookmobiles
  • Required City Ordinance Checks: For rentals required proof they are infestation-free
  • Prevention Checks: Put your patrons at ease by advertising that your business is regularly checked for bed bugs
  • Pest-Control Assisting: Assist a pest-control treatment company in locating areas that require treatment
  • Individual Situational Needs: One time check or scheduled prevention checks


Why choose us:

Dignity and Privacy:

If you have come to our site, chances are you suspect your home or business may have bed bugs. No one likes to think (or know) they have bed bugs, but we understand that bed bugs can be anywhere. They are attracted to humans—our odors, our living conditions, and the carbon dioxide we exhale, especially when we sleep. Although there are things you can do to help protect yourself, you are not to blame for having bed bugs. We will treat you with dignity and respect your privacy. Our teams understand rumors and comments about bedbugs can cost you business or your reputation. We will not discuss results or identify our customers to anyone not directly involved in the inspection.


 Accredited Training for our Dog and Handlers:

As a small, family-owned business, customer service and satisfaction are our top priorities. Our canine team is certified by an accredited training facility. The facility is highly respected for training Bomb and Drug Dog Teams as well as Bed Bug Canine Teams. We continue daily training with our dogs, who are part of our family. We provide services to personal residences, rentals, and businesses.


Proactive and Preventative:

Regularly scheduled checks allow you to prevent a small problem from becoming a costly and embarrassing infestation. You can let your patrons know you have a scheduled for plan for preventing, locating and treating bed bugs. This can put their mind at ease by assuring them you are doing all you can to protect them from bed bugs.


Early Detection and Location Identification:

Based on how bed bugs travel, there is no guarantee they will not return. They can hitchhike on common items such as clothing, furniture, luggage, books, and backpacks. Due to increased travel and changes in pesticide treatment (and resistance to pesticides), bed bugs infestations are on the rise. In fact, in businesses where people circulate, they are likely to be an ongoing problem as new people bring them in. However, the key to preventing their return to your personal space is educating yourself- learn how they travel, how you got them, and then change that behavior. Be vigilant in checking for bed bugs regularly. The earlier you detect them, the easier (and cheaper) it will be to get rid of them! This is one more reason to trust our canine detection team—we can locate them before you have an infestation! We can also pinpoint the general location of the bed bugs so you know which areas need (and don’t need) treatment, saving you both time and money.


Independent and Accurate:

We are an independent bed bug locator service, so you are free to make treatment decisions. We are not affiliated with a specific pest control company, so our only motive is to help you accurately determine if and where you have bed bugs. We are happy to help communicate this information to a pest control service of your choice or give you ideas for self treating if they are caught before an infestation. Although pest control companies can locate bed bugs for you, very few employ canines and when they do they are usually contracted out so the fees are higher. A human pest control technician is not near as accurate or efficient in locating bed bugs—because bed bugs are so small and can hide so easily. Visual detection by a human could require pulling up carpet, taking apart furniture, emptying dressers, and removing baseboards. Bed bugs can flatten their bodies to hide from visual detection and the tiny eggs are hard to see. Using scent detection, our canine team can do the inspection much quicker, more accurately, and with minimal disruption to your environment or business.


Signs You Might Have Bed Bugs:

  • Fecal pellets or stains (may look like black dots similar to ink from a fine point sharpie)
  • Rusty looking spots (fecal material or blood spots from your skin where you were bitten)
  • Castings (each time the nymphs molt they leave their “shell”)
  • Visual spotting of eggs, nymphs or adult bed bugs (use a bright light to check creases and crevices in your mattress, chair, couch—anywhere you sit or sleep for an extended period of time)
  • With a heavy infestation, there may be an odor similar to overly ripe raspberries or coriander.
  • Although people react differently you may have bites that are similar to a rash or mosquito bites. They could be in a line where your skin touches the mattress.